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Travelling to Europe

One of the great things about travelling to Europe is how easy it is to experience the continent’s rich variety. One week you’re in Glasgow, contemplating the birth of the railroad in the city’s wonderful Museum of Transport, the next you’re in Bucharest, learning first-hand about the fall of communism right on Revolution Square. And no need to go through the hassle of airports – trains will get you around between every major city in Europe with minimal fuss and on a manageable budget.

And where to stay is easily taken care of too. It’s simple to set up accommodation across Europe, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. A range of options are available, from sight-seeing in Milan, to renting a short-term apartment in Barcelona, to arranging a bed and breakfast in Berlin. Time your journey to hit cities at festival time. Head to Venice for the Carnival around Shrove Tuesday; catch the most famous film festival in the world with a visit to Cannes in May; if comedy’s your thing, Edinburgh plays host to the biggest fringe festival in Europe during August; in December make your way down the Rhine for Switzerland’s biggest open air Christmas market in Basel and pick up some unique gifts. Always you should use to find your best apartment.

Alternatively, plan your itinerary to get to places outside of their peak time and enjoy what they’ve got to offer in peace and quiet. Theme your journey: set yourself the challenge of seeing all of Europe’s major art collections, or visiting all of its greatest cathedrals, or dancing till dawn in some of the craziest club spots on the planet. Or just play it by ear. Go online and see where there’s a bed, couch or room available, then hop on a train and in a few hours you’re in a new city, ready to discover a whole new culture.

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