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Watches for men and women

Watches are an essential fashion accessory for today’s men and women. Other than females, males also wear this ornament for not only keeping a track of time, but to assert their fashion sense as well their social standing. There are various features that when combined make an exclusive and an interesting watch for any gender. [...]

Google Maps

Perhaps the most prolific change in modern navigation was the introduction of Google Maps in 2005. More or less the entire world has now been covered by the beady eye of satellite photography. The pictures have been compiled into one huge map accessible to all and free to use. Google Maps has somewhat revolutionised the [...]

Google Earth

Google Earth is a standalone program which lets the user zoom in on and manipulate a 3D rendition of the globe, compiled through satellite imagery and aerial photography. The public version is free to download, the advanced package for commercial use, Google Earth Pro costing $399 a year. Whereas Google Maps is heavily navigation based, [...]

Google Street View

In May 2007 Google released Street View for the Maps application which lets the user see 360° panoramic street level images that can be rotated around and manipulated, even followed through in a linear route taking the user on a kind of virtual tour in effect. It started with just 5 cities in the US [...]



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